Animation libraries for ISELED® and FastISELED®

ISELED® Library

Software to be used: Arduino IDE 1.8.19 (from v2.0 the libraries are stored differently).

Customers get access to our ISELED® Library: Download here

And you can already find everything in our example program: Download here

The two basic commands for the ISELED®are:
  • digLED_Set_DIM(3,3,3,0,0);    // set DIM level {0..3] (0 = brightest 3 = dimmest)
  • digLED_Set_RGB(64,0,0,0,0);   // set colors (r,g,b,address,branch)

Hot tip: the ISELED® can address 4079 LEDs. 4080..4095 are reserved for groups.

Address 0 is a broadcast to all participants.

This means that all simple controls can be implemented.


If you want something a little nicer, we recommend the FastLED. It is the most powerful LED library: see here

You can reuse all examples for ISELED®. Just substitute; with FastISELED_show();.

ISELED®  and ILaS® are registered trademarks of Inova Semiconductors GmbH