Arduino-compatible development and test electronics platform for ISELED® and ILaS®

We are also a member of the ISELED Alliance since August 2023 – further information can be found here

ISELEDs® are the first industrial-grade intelligent addressable RGB LEDs used in automotive, avionics and harsh environments.

The full documentation can be found here

The ILaS® bus (Iseled Light and Sensor Network) enables faster and cheaper communication between controller, sensor and actuator than the LiN bus – with 2Mbit/s and up to 4079 participants. Further information can be found here

The advantages of ISELED®

  • Up to 4079 LEDs can be controlled with one data line
  • Operating temperature range from -40…+85°C
  • Differential bus communication for longer distances and less EMI
  • 4 dimming levels to achieve colour stability even in very weak lighting mode
  • Calibrated to D65 colour space, which results in a beautiful white and always the same colour temperature, even if LED’s have to be replaced or added later.


ISELED®uino an Arduino MKR clone to control ISELED® equipped with a licensed SAMD21 microcontroller – programmable via USB interface and Arduino IDE.

Driver-LED – Single SmartRGB LED (seddLED3.0 from Dominant) on a circuit board with solder pads for signal conversion from SPI to differential ISELED signal

Available specifically for the automotive sector:

ILAS Shield, Hebatronic

ILaS®-Shield – standalone Arduino-compatible module that can be plugged onto the ISELED®uino to activate the ILaS® bus protocol capability.

ILAS-Shield für ISELED®uino

ILaS® initiator – combined test box for the development work or as a production aid for controlling ISELED® or other modules in the vehicle sensor network – selectable-in connection with or without IlaS® communication bus. Programmable via Arduino IDE.

Software and hardware already prepared for the next generation of SmartRGB – ISELED 2.0 capable.

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